Custom Graffiti

Let us turn your ideas into artwork

Sofia Graffiti Tour has a professional team of talented artists who can organise and execute projects from room-sized walls to large-scale murals. Here is what we offer:

  • Graffiti, Street art, Murals, and Canvases – painting of interior and exterior design solutions. We can execute projects everywhere in Bulgaria.
  • Graffiti and Street art location scouting for photo sessions, movies, advertisement productions, music videos, and tv productions.
  • Оrganization of graffiti festivals, workshops, and team-building events.

Check out our 3- step process of work

1. Idea phase 

  • Get in touch with us and share your thoughts and ideas.
  • We will listen to fully understand your vision.
  • We will advise you on the painting styles, design process, and materials to be used.

    2. Design and budgeting

    • We will research and provide reference images corresponding to your ideas to boost up the design discussions.
    • We will tailor and develop an artistic concept and design.
    • We will build an offer including a budget with prices for detailed sketch, painting, and materials. The last step of this stage is to agree on and confirm the budget.


      3. Preparation and Painting

      • We will prepare the surfaces – priming, taping corners, doors, etc.
      • Painting – We will paint the agreed design in the best possible way using materials suitable for the space and the surfaces.

      How to get an offer

      • Review our painting styles, prices, and artistic portfolio.
      • Choose the painting style which suits your idea best.
      • Prepare the wall dimensions (length & height), photo of the wall, and location.
      • Use the calculator below to estimate your budget.
      • Get in touch with us and send the required information using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
      • If you prefer direct contact reach us at or via mobile +359887761046

      How to get an offer for large-scale murals

      • For large-scale murals please get in touch with us for more information 
      Review our price list. Prices are per painting style and execution, excluding the materials.


      50BGN /м2
      • Simple graffiti letters
      • Simple logos
      • Objects


      70BGN /м2
      • Cartoon charecters 
      • 2d objects
      • Complex graffiti letters
      • Shapes in multicolor combos


      90BGN /м2
      • Realistic charecters
      • 3d objects
      • Landscapes


      • Detailed digital sketch


      • Personalized concept 
      • Detailed digital sketch


      • exemplary images

      Our offer will include:

      • Artist commission fee – creative concept, surface preparation & painting.
      • Painting materials – spray cans, exterior or interior paint, tapes, floor covers etc.

      *The painting materials for a custom graffiti project are estimated at 30 to 50 BGN per./sq.m. We can assist with the supply of all required materials.

      *Spray cans for interior or exterior use – 1 spray can/ 1 colour = 1 sq.m of surface coverage.

      • Additional materials:

      Scaffolding or platform.
      * Additional materials and tools will be calculated in the budget if required for the project.

      Transport and accommodation.
      * Additional travel and accommodation costs will be calculated in the budget if required for projects outside of Sofia.

      Offer for large-scale murals 

      • Get in touch with us to discuss the process and budgeting for a large-scale murals.
      Calculate an estimated budget for your project

      *The calculation will give you an estimated budget for a custom graffiti project. Contact us for a detailed offer.

      Get in touch with us using the contact form below or at / +359887761046. Review our portfolio prior to reaching us.

        Review our artistic portfolio. You can select the images per painting style.
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