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Sofia Graffiti Tour was born out of a love for graffiti and street art, with the mission to take visitors of the capital off-the-beaten-track, to experience the alternative atmosphere of Sofia, layered with stories and urban art.

The initiative started over 3 years ago and we are the first to organize tours dedicated to Sofia’s street art and graffiti scene. Since then we have taken thousands of travelers to the hidden corners of the city to explore together the urban art, its stories and dive into the graffiti subculture.

By participating in the tour, you are also supporting the local graffiti, street and urban art scene of Sofia. Parts of our contributions are going directly to the events that we organize – Exhibitions and Workshops, annual Sofia Graffiti Battle festival and local initiative, improving the urban space.

Join us on an alternative adventure that will make you look at the city through the eyes of a street artist.