Graffiti Exhibition

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Graffiti Exhibition

“Tracing urban art”

“Tracing urban art” shows the vision of the Bulgarian urban artists and their works on the streets of the city. What from this street art should be seen? alongside Sofia Graffiti Tour is giving an answer to this question. Sofia Graffiti Tour are hunting down the art of the streets which remain somehow hidden to the public. Mouse, Er’Naste Nasimo, 140 Ideas / One for all ideas, Gana, Rays, Stern – 6 artists and their conceptual artworks were captured by the sharp lens of Darina Komitova.  The stories from the fist sketch to the masterpiece could be seen in Doza gallery from 4ht of August 2020. The exhibition stayed for 5 days. 

“Hidden Letters”

“Hidden Letters” is the first gallery show organized by Sofia Graffiti Tour on the occasion of the 24th of May – the day of the Bulgarian alphabet. The 30 letter signs of the alphabet will be replaced by their graffiti copies on colorful photos hidden around the first Dextrophobia Room.Sofia graffiti guides will demonstrate the basics of graffiti writing while the street artist RAYS is demonstrating his amazing spray can skills.

The exhibition was organized in partnership with Dextrophobia Rooms, Bar Barbarosa, Escreo