Custom Graffiti

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Custom Wall Designs

Sofia Graffiti Tour can provide professional graffiti services: 

  • Graffiti, Street art, Mural and Canvases painting in outdoors and indoors solutions
  • Graffiti and Street art location scouting, artists for photo sessions, movies, advertisement productions, music videos, tv productions
  • Оrganizing graffiti festivals, workshops and team-building events

How to get a quote for a custom wall design

  • We will generate a budget, creative concept, examples or visualization for your project
  • Together we will discuss and transform the idea into artwork 
  • Check our price list. The prices are for execution and exclude materials. 
  • The final price is based on complexity of the artwork, number of colors, size, location, surface
  • Get in touch with us at or +359887761046 and share your idea


  • Preparation and alignment on the examples
  • Digital visualization
  • Preparation of the surfaces – painting, taping
  • Painting with materials for the respective location and surface

Final budget consists of:

  • Graffiti spray cans – for indoor or outdoor usage ( 1 spay can / 1 colour = 1 m2)
  • Labour for execution
  • Visualization or suggested examples
  • Interior or exterior bucket paint
  • Scaffolding or platform when needed
  • Materials for surface preparation 

The materials for the project are calculated outside the pricelist for execution. We can assist with providing all the required materials for the execution of a graffiti project.