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Hey, This is our fist blog post in a while! 

As team of Sofia Graffiti Tour, we are restarting our blog . We are really excited about it as we want to share our knowledge and experience about the graffiti movement. The plan is to dive, research, write and post every week materials about Writers, Graffiti, Street and Urban art and keep you updated on the trends. Furthermore we have the opportunity to take an analytical approach about Graffiti, Street and Urban art. 

The blog will contain several major themes: Bulgarian Graffiti, Street and Urban Art, Interviews, Analysis, our Graffiti and street art trips around the globe. 

Lets start with 3 Instragram profiles that you need to follow immediately. We will explain why?  

Sofia Graffiti Tour Instagram

 1. Get up to date on the newest pieces from Sofia and around the globe.

2. Get the latest news about Sofia Graffiti Tour.



1. Rays has playing a significant role in the team of Sofia Graffiti Tour with his participation in each of our projects. 

2.His throw ups are all over Sofia. You can’t miss the painted heads smiling RAYS




1.GRTS is creative in all aspects of graffiti – on the streets, digital and now in tattos.

2. GRTS designed the flyer of Sofia Graffiti Tour




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