Top 3 graffiti locations in Sofia | X-mas and New Year edition

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Holiday season is the time of the year when we meet with friends and family, typically at home or somewhere out of Sofia.

Because we don’t want you to miss the street art masterpieces of our capital Sofia during  27-30 December (deserved winter break), we present to you the top 3 graffiti locations in Sofia.

Number 1: The biggest open-air graffiti gallery in Sofia city center 

On the first location you will find a big b-boy character, painted by the dutch artist Nash. The whole green wall was painted in September 2019 by us for our annual event “Sofia Graffiti Battle”😊 together with 0511 and selected artists. Pay attention to the lady character and try to guess who she is? 

Address in Google maps:

Once you are done with the pictures at the parking head to the museum of Sofia. Your next locations is the Dream tree. 

Number 2: Sofia’s main landmarks painted on a wall

The Dream tree was painted in 2019 for World of CO art residency by the Penguin Girl. This is the 6th out of a 100 trees to be painted around the world. The main characters of this murals are the citizens of Sofia painted as …penguins. Pay attention to the buildings on the wall. Probably you have seen some, or you are on your way to others. A must see in Sofia is the Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral. 

Address in Google maps: 

Number 3: Charlize Theron in urban atmosphere

The third location is easy to find because you are looking for a massive street art mural of a lady with a yellow dress. We often ask our guests if she reminds them of someone. The most frequent answer we get is Charlize Theron. If you ask Stern (the artist) you will learn that the lady is actually a persona  from his dreams. We will leave the interpretation of the purple helmet to you. 

Address in Google maps:

You are now at the end of this 20 minutes’ walk in the heart of Sofia. We hope that you’ve liked it. Share your pictures with us via @sofiagraffitiotur and  #sofiagraffititour in Instagram or Facebook.

If you feel adventurous, there is one more great location to find. Tag us on Facebook and we will send you the location of a hidden masterpiece by Nasimo – the most renowned Bulgarian graffiti artist.