Sofia graffiti tour team is actively involved in Bulgarian graffiti scene and is organising different kind of events to support local graffiti and street art artists. Our annual event is called Sofia Graffiti battle. We also organise workshops and exhibitions.     Sofia Graffiti Battle Sofia Graffiti Battle is annual graffiti festival organised by Sofia Graffiti Tour with the aim to become a platform for development of large scale graffiti which contributes to the city landscape. Graffiti artists figuratively compete against each other and show off their writing skills. The festival includes graffiti workshops and music performances.   In 2017 the event took place on 10-11th of July at 93 High School Alexander Teodorov-Balan in Sofia where ten of the best Sofia graffiti writers painted together on the topic “Cyrillic alphabet”. The end result of the festival is 200 m2 of colours and graffiti on the school gym walls. More than 200 people involved in graffiti writing, workshops and music event.  
In 2016 the event took place on 19th of September at the city center of Sofia – open parning next to Serdica metro station.  The graffiti writers covered 200 m2 of graffiti on the topic “Sofia city of graffiti”. This wall is now the first location of Sofia Graffiti tour. More than 200 people involved in graffiti writing, workshops and music event.
_TheSpot _TheSpot in the first big placemaking project in Bulgaria with aim to develop 10 social places for sport, hobbies and interests of young people. The project is implemented by people from the local communities with expert support from team of urban architects. Sofia Graffiti tour crew participated in the development of the first _Spot opened in Sofia. More than 10 graffiti writers covered 4 big walls with jungle themed graffiti in the period April - May 2017.
"Hidden Letters" "Hidden Letters" is the first gallery show organised by Sofia Graffiti Tour on the occasion of 24th of May - the day of the Bulgarian alphabet. The 30 letter signs of the alphabet will be replaced by their graffiti copies on colorful photos hidden around the first Dextrophobia Room. Sofia graffiti guides will demonstrate the basics of graffiti writing while the street artist RAYS is demonstrating his amazing spray can skills. The exhibition was organized in partnership with Dextrophobia Rooms, Bar Barbarosa, Escreo

Graffiti workshop for children and teenagers What is the difference between graffiti and street art? What is a "tag"? How to handle a spray can? Sofia Graffiti tour crew provides the answer to all these and other questions about graffiti art in the workshop for beginners. All participants are allowed to try out their own style and skill as graffiti writers. The workshop was commissioned by Goethe-Institut Sofia. More than 15 graffiti beginners took part and were able to sketch, draw and paint graffiti with experienced graffiti writers. Saturday, 3 June, 11-15.30 Goethe-Institut Sofia (library), Budapesta Str. 1